Woodworks Communications has a team of creative and content experts ready to become your brand ambassadors.

Writing a byline or posting anything online, we know how to make it found when your audience searches for you.


SEO Search Engine Optimization (Woodworks)


For any content to become searchable, it needs to be written based on Google algorithms, proven best practices, and your audiences needs. We are experts on all of the above, and are ready to make you one too. 

Social Media (Woodworks).jpg


How do you grow followers? How do you increase page likes? How do you write content that sticks out on a timeline? With a firm understanding of social best practices and a panache for writing social content, we will grow social for you. 

Website and Social Audit (Woodworks)


Before a single tweet or reviewing a duplicate Web page, you should know why things need to be done with your content strategy, link building, and visual dynamics. A digital and social audit will help you see how to create a real online footprint.

You want to be on top of Google but is your brand top of mind?


"Run me a Xerox of that." 

"Hand me a Kleenex"

And of course, "Let me Google that for you." 

Isn't it great when brand names become synonymous for the industry it represents? Sure, we all want that for our company, but how does it start? Placement. From smart advertising to online positioning, your messaging has to strike a chord with your audiences before they start singing your music. And thanks to our CEO's radio experience, we are pretty good at 'Name that Tune.' 



If you hate "Let's make a viral tweet"... keep reading.


Social media requires strategic content that is created to reach audiences online and to interrupt their news feeds. From "newsjacking" to "hashtagging," animated videos to the sacred "Viral" sensation, it all starts with good content that is shared among your audience. 

That's what Woodworks Communications does best.



Craft with purpose... and promise.


Why do speechwriters insist on 18 annotated paragraphs to make a salient point. If only people knew how to apply social media standards to a byline or executive speech.

FDR's Pearl Harbor Speech - 83 words. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address - 272 words. MLK's I have a Dream - 290 words. Anything on Twitter - 140 characters. How to convey a point that is easy to write, remember, and cause people to act? Hire us. 


Brevity is the soul of wit.
— Polonius (Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2, Page 4)

Good design is great thinking made visible.

Whether you need marketing collateral or a website that collects traffic, Woodworks Communications understands how to best personify your message through attractive design that tells a story and speaks volumes.

Google is making us better writers and better thinkers.


How can a search engine do that? What about a blank bar on a browser helps us think? Because that search bar proves how much words matter. And that's why audits matter. 

Those hidden secrets called algorithms force content experts to learn the math before the science of writing for the Web. You don't have time for that studying. Fortunately, we do.


Social media management is usually a hat left on the rack.


Who has time for actually spending time planning a tweet, post, gram, or a snap? Everyone on your staff wears multiple hats, which is why social media is left to "whoever is left." Only one problem: online is where your audience is located. We got your back.