Instagram V. Snapchat: Copy That!

A not-so-long time ago in a mobile phone really close by lived two apps -- one known for sharing pictures with everyone; the other known for penile pics that vanish in 60 seconds becoming the bane of parental existence.

Instagram and Snapchat wanted to join the other biggies on the social media block in hopes that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube would invite one of them to the big kids table. And that's when it all began.

This is the battle: Instagram Vs. Snapchat. Copy That?

This week, Instagram "borrowed" an idea that many Snapchatters are familiar with -- Face Filters. Subsequently, the social media space ballooned like a Kardashian on a buffet run. If that weren't enough to get that cute little ghost to poop cotton balls (well, what else would you expect), Instagram also released hashtag stickers and an eraser button.

"Face filters are an expected part of a modern camera, so we're super excited to launch them today," said [Instagram VP of Product Kevin] Weil. "The first eight filters are live now, and we've also launched a handful of other things including a reverse video format, a hashtag sticker allowing you to tag stories the same way you can tag mentions, and some other tools like an eraser."
Courtesy: Droid Life

Courtesy: Droid Life

A Hot Storied Mess

For the past couple of years, Big Blue -- no, not Michigan, college football fans. In social media, that means Facebook -- has declared war on Snapchat by practically lifting its code and applying those zeroes and ones to all of its properties.

Where do those "stories" look familiar? WhatsApp, Messenger, and now Instagram. All the news, all the comparisons, they seem to be sticking to a news cycle. Last August, HuffPo's Blog wrote the findings of a telling survey:

43% say they would delete Snapchat if Instagram Stories adds filters

Whelp, we shall soon see in the future now that Instagram has done just that. That is a survey of 30,000 tweens, teens, and other misanthrope hipsters -- Snap's core audience. Why is that such a big deal? Because around 2014, person-to-person snaps went by the wayside thanks to Snapchat's "proprietary" invention.

In short, everyone knew Stories are where the money was located.

Why would this happen in the first place? Because why send a post that fades into the ether when I can share my peevish thoughts with the world? And the legacy of stories was born.

Moreover, those fans admit that Snapchat has lost its luster. It seems not even DJ Khaled can keep Snap from losing its rhythm. Where do you stand with your mobile phone? Is that Snap icon being shifted all the way back to your fifth or sixth screen?

According to this Business Insider graph, kinda' looks that way:

Instagram Snapchat Chart (The Woodshed)

Isn't it nice how things in social media can repeat themselves, and then benefit someone else? Come to think of it, can someone tell us how Periscope is doing? Oh yeah, go ask Big Blue about Facebook Live.

Now,  that's a story with a bad ending.